• Pastor to Pastor

    Pastor to Pastor
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    Edition: July 01, 2008

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    Publication date: July 01, 2008

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    Pastor to Pastor

    Tackling the Problems of Ministry

    Problematic issues that must be handled gracefully, effectively, and sometimes publicly often complicate the role of the pastor. In Pastor to Pastor, well-known pastor and conference speaker Erwin Lutzer offer practical advice on how to handle difficult situations, including issues such as:
    o Church splits
    o Politics
    o Burnout
    o Church boards
    o Congregational expectations
    o Worship
    o Pastoral Priorities
    o Counseling

    This newly revised and expanded edition of Pastor to Pastor also helps ministers answer tough questions such as "Should I confront or compromise with difficult people? Will God still use me if I fail sometimes?" Dealing with these thoughts and situations directly will help both pastors and congregations grow spiritually as they honestly seek God's wisdom and obey his will.
    Available in Spanish
    Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
    Erwin W. Lutzer (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; MA, Loyola University; LLD, Simon Greenleaf School of Law) is senior pastor of the historic Moody Church in Chicago, as well as a popular conference and radio speaker. His many books include The Doctrines That Divide, How You Can Be Sure That You Will Spend an Eternity with God, and One Minute After You Die.