b'A L E T T E R F R O M O U R P U B L I S H E RDear Resellers,Stress? Whos got stress? All of us, it seems. This is indeed a challenging season.Our customers are stretching their dollars as best as they can amid rising inflation and less disposable income. But we still have a job to do in bringing the light of the Lord into the lives of those we serve.In our lead title, 90 Days to Stress-Free, best-selling author Jami Amerine not only shows women how to deal with stress but also guides and encourages them not to let it define them. Her God-centered daily readings are filled with positivity and lively, full-color illustrations.Are your customers looking for a good escape read? Look no further than 26 Below, the first book in a new suspense series set in Alaska! Or they can go back in time to Northumberland and see rekindled hope and love in the third book of the popular Regency Wallflowers Series.Or how about to the Gilded Age with yet another mystery the Secret Service operatives need to unravel in Counterfeit Faith?Sometimes we learn by example. Warrior Mother inspires moms to fight for their childrens faith and well-being, as well as for themselves, drawing strength for the battle from God.Several Kregel staff recently returned from ETS, the largest academic conference of the year. We look forward to the next book in the million-dollar, best-selling 40 Questions series about the New Testament text and canon. And in Behold and Become, Jeremy Kimble explains how to follow the model of the Lord so that we can become more like Him.Kids need some good reads too! Dont forget about Susan Marlows titles, which span from early to middle-grade readers and on into the teen years, as early America opens up before them through the life and tales of Andi Carteryeehaw! And add a bit of shine to kids learning about God and the Bible with beautiful sparkly sticker books they can enjoy for hours of fun.Rooted in Wonder inspires families to get outside in nature and take a fresh look at God as Creator, with the glory of the Lord right before their eyes.This season of books is designed to encourage and inspire readers to keep their focus on what is importantgrowing and deepening their faithwhether it be from the guidance of scholars, imaginative storylines of fiction, or insights from authors whove been there, done that, and can encourage others in challenging times.We thank you for your consistent and faithful partnership as Kregel forges ahead into the future. I cant wait to see what God does next.Best regards, Catherine DeVries, Publisherwww.kregel.com 3'