b'Your Adversary, the DevilJ. Dwight PentecostNEWThis work uses the light of Scripture to expose the COVER! person and methods of SatanPentecost gives us a very useful survey of information on Satan.Christianity TodayE veryChristianfacesapowerfulandcunningenemySatan.Victoryoverthisopponentdependsonknowing hisstrategiesandschemesanddrawingontheempowering presence of the Holy Spirit to stand firm against him. AsPentecostobserves,Noindividualcanbevictorious against the adversary of our souls unless he understands that adversary; unless he understands his philosophy, his methods of operation, his methods of temptation. We hear very little today aboutSatan,andconsequentlymanywhorecognizeSatans existence and acknowledge that he is the enemy of their souls are ill-prepared to meet himWe do not know what Scripture teaches about his person, his methods, his plans, his program, his devices. Consequently, we fall in defeat.J. Dwight Pentecost (19152014) was distinguished professor of Bible exposition, emeritus, at Dallas Theological Seminary. He earned a BA from Hampden-Sydney College, and both a ThM and ThD from Dallas Theological Seminary. His many works include The Joy of Living, Design for Discipleship, The Divine Comforter, and Thy Kingdom Come.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A recognized and revered classic work on978-0-8254-4826-3$17.99the devils presence and machinations inPaperback5.5 x 8.5192 pagesall of life RELIGION / Christian Living / SpiritualAuthored by the leading practical theolo- Warfaregian of the twentieth century Kregel ClassicsRights: WorldAvailable A popular-level and practical guide to 40 Questions AboutAnswers to Commonspiritual understanding and defense Angels, Demons, andQuestions About Angelsagainst Satanic attacksSpiritual Warfare and Demons978-0-8254-4468-5$21.99 978-0-8254-2683-4$13.9922 www.kregel.com'