b'Behold and BecomeReading Scripture for TransformationJeremy M. KimbleThe Bible is not merely for information but for being saved by God and changed through his wordsB elieversknowtheBibleispowerfulbuthowso?And howdoesGodsavepeopleandtransformlivesthrough Scripture? Author and theology professor Jeremy M. Kimble integrates an evangelical doctrine of Scripture with a robust, coherent practice of engaging with Scripture.Behold and Become contends that the Bible, which is Gods self-revelation, coupled with the Spirit, works to produce sal-vation and growth in godliness. Believers will see how sound beliefs about Scripture correspond with practices that allow for Gods transforming work, such as:How the Bibles inerrancy demands our careful attention to the biblical authors as theologiansHow the Bibles efficacy operates within the doctrines of the triune God and the churchHow the Bibles authority directs our focus toward who God is and how he acts in the worldWebecomelikewhatwebehold.Ratherthanpassively assume the animating power of the Bible, Behold and Become guides readers to make Scriptures vitality an overt part of their theology of Scripture and practice of Christian life.JeremyM.Kimble(PhD,SoutheasternBaptistTheological Seminary) is currently associate professor of theology at Cedar-ville University and the author of several books, including That His Spirit May Be Saved. He previously served as a pastor in sev-eral churches.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A truly revealing exploration of the978-0-8254-4760-0$24.99life-changing power of radical spiritualPaperback5.5 x 8.5256 pagestransformation RELIGION / Christian Theology /Combines the inspiration of ScriptureSystematicwith the indwelling presence and guid- Kregel AcademicRights: Worldance of the Holy Spirit May 23, 2023Studying Pauls LettersThe ParablesEvangelical doctrine paired with robust, with the Mind and Heart 978-0-8254-4690-0$22.99 coherent practice978-0-8254-4472-2$23.99www.kregel.com 19'