b'SPRING/SUMMER 202 3 DE A LERS BIBLES SPECI A LEnglish: A Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible or A Young Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible6 or More Assorted Units55% DiscountSpanish: 4 or More Assorted Units of Any SKUs of the Same Bible55% DiscountNote: Quantities may be limited on some titles.Prices are subject to change without notice.A Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible, Elizabeth George978-0-8254-4490-6NKJV, Hardcover$39.99978-0-8254-4781-5New NKJV, Lavender Deluxe$59.99978-0-8254-4492-0NKJV, Teal Deluxe$59.99978-0-8254-4718-1NKJV, Deep Rose Deluxe$59.99A Young Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible, Elizabeth George978-0-8254-4262-9NLT, Hardcover$37.99978-0-8254-4263-6NLT, Premium Purple$54.99978-0-8254-4261-2NLT, Light Washed Denim$54.99Biblia devocional los lenguajes del amor [The Love Languages Devotional Bible], Gary Chapman978-0-8254-5630-5RVR60, Caf [Brown]$44.99978-0-8254-5631-2RVR60, Blanco [White]$44.99Biblia devocional Mujer Verdadera [True Woman Devotional Bible], Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth978-0-8254-5884-2NBLA, Hardcover$39.99978-0-8254-5885-9NBLA, Duotone Teal$59.99978-0-8254-5992-4NBLA, Large Print, Duotone Teal$59.99978-0-8254-5916-0RVR60, Hardcover$39.99978-0-8254-5917-7RVR60, Duotone Coral$59.99978-0-8254-5991-7RVR60, Large Print, Coral$59.99Biblia de la mujer conforme al corazn de Dios [A Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible], Elizabeth George978-0-8254-5645-9RVR60, Hardcover$39.99978-0-8254-5646-6RVR60, Duotone Purple$54.99978-0-8254-5647-3RVR60, Duotone Teal$54.99978-0-8254-5650-3New RVR60, Garden Floral$54.99Biblia de una joven corforme al corazn de Dios [A Young Woman After Gods Own Heart Bible], Elizabeth George978-0-8254-5816-3RVR60, Hardcover$34.99978-0-8254-5918-4RVR60, Green/Gold Foil$49.99978-0-8254-5920-7RVR60, Deluxe Floral$54.99Biblia de estudio Ryrie ampliada [The Ryrie Study Bible], Charles Ryrie978-0-8254-1816-7RVR60, Hardcover$39.99978-0-8254-1819-8RVR60, Hardcover, indexed$49.99978-0-8254-5790-6RVR60, Duotone Black$59.99978-0-8254-5791-3RVR60, Duotone Black, indexed$69.99978-0-8254-5792-0RVR60, Duotone Brown$59.99978-0-8254-5793-7RVR60, Duotone Brown, indexed$69.99La Biblia en orden cronolgico [The Daily Bible], F. Lagard Smith978-0-8254-1994-2RVR60, Hardcover$34.99978-0-8254-1999-7RVR60, Duotone Red/Grey$39.99www.kregel.com 27'