b'And I Will Praise Him Bible Explorers GuideA Guide to Worship in the Psalms How to Understand and InterpretRonald B. Allen the BibleJohn PhillipsNEW COVERS!D own through the centuries the Psalms have held a placeS erious study of the Bible can be a daunting task for any of honor in the worship of believers. They have suppliedChristian. The desire to explore Gods Word is the beginning words of love and songs of praise to celebrate Gods faithfulness.of the process. Bible explorers also need proper tools and an Through lifes dark valleys they have brought comfort to theexperienced guide to lead the adventure through the Scriptures.bereaved and confidence to the fearful. There is no better guide for this exploration than one who has In this popular devotional study, Dr. Ron Allen combinesspent his life leading people at every level of training on jour-warm, inviting wisdom with heartfelt experiences. He examinesneys into the wonders of Scripture. John Phillips provides the the Psalmstheir origin, their language, their form, and theirproper tools as well as the wise, sensible guidance to help any varietyto show how they can be used in both personal andbeliever dig into the Scriptures and search out their meaning corporate worship. and significance.Interactive study questions for each chapter allow for easyJohnPhillips(19272010)servedasassistantdirectorof andmeaningfulapplicationsofthesewordsofpetitionandthe Moody Correspondence School as well as director of the praise to daily experiences. Emmaus Correspondence School, one of the worlds largest Bible Ronald B. Allen (ThM, ThD, Dallas Theological Seminary) iscorrespondence ministries. He also taught in the Moody Evening professor of Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary andSchool and on the Moody Broadcasting radio network. For more the author of numerous books and articles. information about his life and ministry, go to drjohnphillips.com.978-0-8254-4825-6$18.99 978-0-8254-4836-2$17.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5264 pages Paperback5.5 x 8.5288 pagesRELIGION / Biblical Studies / OldRELIGION / Biblical Studies / GeneralTestament / GeneralKregel PublicationsRights: WorldKregel PublicationsRights: World March 14, 2023Available24 www.kregel.com'