b'40 Questions About Women in MinistrySue Edwards and Kelley Mathews40 QUESTIONSAims for a deeper understanding about the roles of women in the faith community40AboutWomeninMinistrychartsacourse Questions forunderstandingdifferingviewsonthetopic.The accessiblequestion-and-answerformatguidesreadersto specific areas of confusion, and the authors helpfully zero in on the foundations of varied beliefs and practices. Edwards and Mathews cover interpretive, theological, his-torical, and practical matters such as:What terms describe various views on women in ministry?What did God mean by the woman as mans helper?How is it that Bible-believing Christians reach different conclusions about 1 Timothy 2:1115?How did Western culture influence the role of women in society and the church?CombiningastrongadherencetoScripture,vastaca-demic and ministry experience, and a commitment to Christ-honoring dialogue, 40 Questions About Women in Ministry is a valuable guide for pastors, ministry leaders, church groups, and seminarians.SueEdwards(MA,DallasTheologicalSeminary;DMin, Gordon-ConwellTheologicalSeminary),professorofeduca-tional ministries and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary, has taught at DTS for more than 20 years. With over 40 years experienceasaBibleteacherandoverseerofministriesto women, she is the coauthor of several leadership books and the Discover Together Bible Study series. Kelley Mathews (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary), a former womens ministry director, now serves on the publishing team at RightNow Media. A DMin student at Northern Seminary, she is the coauthor of Leading Women Who Wound. She lives with her husband, John, and their four children in Texas. Find her blog at patheos.com/blogs/theestuary.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Objective study on a debated topic 978-0-8254-4725-9$23.99 Clarifies overall contours of debatesPaperback6 x 9296 pagesregarding the ministries of women RELIGION / Sexuality & Gender StudiesKregel AcademicRights: World Accessible and organized for a rangeOctober 25, 2022of inquiries and usesVindicating the Vixens Organic Ministry to Women978-0-8254-4413-5$22.99 978-0-8254-4615-3$19.99www.kregel.com 5'