b'Elemental TheologyAn Introductory Survey of Conservative DoctrineEmery H. Bancroft; Edited and Revised by Ronald B. MayersNEWCOVER! Foundational volume on biblical literature and conservative doctrine for over 60 yearsE lemental Theology presents the basics of systematic theology in brief, easy-to-follow outline form that will be appreciated bystudents,teachers,pastors,andlaypersonswantinga practical-level introduction to the subject. Bancrofts thorough survey of doctrine includes numerous quotations from well-known biblical commentators and study questions at the end of each chapter for personal or class review. Specific doctrines discussed are:The Doctrine of the ScripturesThe Doctrine of SinThe Doctrine of GodThe Doctrine of SalvationThe Doctrine of JesusThe Doctrine of the ChurchThe Doctrine of the Holy SpiritThe Doctrine of AngelsThe Doctrine of ManThe Doctrine of Last ThingsIt is refreshing to find a volume that sets forth lucidly a bibli-cal theology. Here, the appeal for authority is not to historians, theologians, or the church fathers, but to the Word of God.Paul R. Jackson, D.D.Emery H. Bancroft (d. 1944) was professor of Bible doctrine andsystematictheologyatBaptistBibleSeminary,nowin Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.He was also the author of the doctrinal study entitled Christian Theology.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A perennial favorite for personal or class- 978-0-8254-4776-1$27.99room use Paperback5.25 x 8400 pages Simply written for wide usage as an intro- RELIGION / Christian Theology / ductory text SystematicKregel AcademicRights: World Logically organized to provide an acces- Availablesible and thorough introduction to all Chafers Systematic40 Questions Aboutaspects of Christian theologyTheology4-vol. set Biblical Theology978-0-8254-2340-6$199.99 978-0-8254-4560-6$27.99www.kregel.com 19'