b'The PsalmsJesuss Prayer BookDouglas D. WebsterA four-volume commentary for worship, devotion, and reflection on the PsalterT he Old Testament Psalter testifies both to the universal human condition and the redemption wrought for believers in the person and work of Christ. In The Psalms, longtime pastor and seminary professor Doug Webster distills ancient and modern scholarship on Psalms into theological, canonical, apostolic, linguistic, and pastoral edification for students of the Psalter. By focusing on both the most consequential and the less developed aspects of psalmic studies, Webster shows how living a Christ-centered life goes hand in hand with digesting Psalms as a complete collection prefiguring Christ.The volumes of The Psalms follow the internal divisions Psalms presents:Volume 1 (Book I of the Psalms)Volume 2 (Book II)Volume 3 (Books IIIIV)Volume 4 (Book V)Designedwithpreachersandteachersinmind,The Psalms strikes a middle ground between a technical com-mentary and a book of sermons. Webster offers pastoral insight in both interpretation and application of the Psalms for worship, unveiling purpose and significance for worship, devotion, and reflection.Douglas D. Webster (PhD, University of St. Michaels College) is professor of pastoral theology and preaching at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. He has served churches in San Diego, New York City, Denver, and Toronto. His other books include Follow the Lamb: A Pastoral Approach to the Revelation, Preaching Hebrews: The End of Religion and Faithfulness to the End, and The Parables: Jesuss Friendly Subversive Speech.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Multivolume work for any pastors library 978-0-8254-4755-6$89.99 Thorough exposition with technical4-Volume SetPaperback6 x 91,144 analysis pagesRELIGION / Biblical Commentary /Practical to all seeking to grow in theirOld Testament / Poetry & Wisdom faith while studying LiteratureKregel AcademicRights: WorldA Commentary on theThe Parables October 25, 2022Psalms, 3-Volume Set 978-0-8254-4690-0 $22.99978-0-8254-4232-2$144.99www.kregel.com 17'