b'PreachingA Simple Approach to the Sacred TaskDaniel OverdorfA guide for preaching with power and presenceI n Preaching, experienced preacher and teacher of preachers DanielOverdorfleadsreadersthroughatestedprocess forsermonpreparationthattakesproclaimingGodsWord seriously yet does not overcomplicate the task or overwhelm the preacher. Overdorf describes and demonstrates consistent, manageable steps to effective preaching, including:Clarifying the convictions that drive your preachingIdentifying the main idea of a Scripture textForming memorable word picturesReducing reliance on notesConnecting with the congregation throughout the sermonSpeaking authenticallyPreaching offers guidance for any pastor who desires to com-municate Gods Word more effectively. Those preparing for the pastorate will find encouragement and exercises that start their teaching ministry off on the right path. Those who preach reg-ularly will discover resources for taking the next step in their unique journey of proclaiming the Scriptures to their congrega-tions with power and presence.DanielOverdorf(DMin,Gordon-ConwellTheological Seminary)isdirectorofpreachingprogramsandprofessor ofpastoralministriesatJohnsonUniversityinKnoxville, Tennessee. He is a popular speaker, and his books are used in churches, colleges, and seminaries across the country.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS A valuable guide for beginners and978-0-8254-4722-8$18.99encouragement for veterans Paperback5.5 x 8.5176 pages Accessible, practical, and relevantRELIGION / Christian Ministry / Preaching Rooted in the spiritually formative art ofKregel MinistryRights: Worldpreaching September 27, 2022Preaching Life-ChangingInvitation to Biblical Sermons Preaching978-0-8254-4695-5$16.99 978-0-8254-3666-6$31.9918 www.kregel.com'