b'2022 CHRIS TM A S SPECI A L SCHOOSE ANY ASSORTMENT OF TITLES LISTED ON PAGES 2225 AND RECEIVE THESE DISCOUNTS: 1025 units = 48% discount 2659 units = 50% discount 60 or more units = 52% discountOrders placed in advance will ship September 2022.All of the above offers include the following benefits: Free freight Extended termsall payments due January 6, 2023 Fully returnable after December 26, 2022 Reorder any product listed in this Christmas special at the same discount and termsFAMILY ADVENT AND ADULT CHRISTMA S TITLESJothams Journey Carol A Quickening978-0-8254-4174-5$17.99978-0-7459-5336-6$9.95978-1-910012-63-5$12.99 Bartholomews Passage Christmas at Grey Sage Silent Days, Holy Night978-0-8254-4173-8$17.99978-1-68370-128-6$12.99 978-1-68370-149-1$12.99Tabithas Travels The First Christmas Sleigh Bells Ring978-0-8254-4172-1$17.99978-0-8254-3915-5$13.99 978-1-68370-007-4$15.99Ishtars Odyssey Gifts of the Wisemen978-0-8254-4393-0$17.99978-0-8254-3607-9$16.99A Not-So-Silent Night Joy to the World978-0-8254-3909-4$11.99978-0-8254-4669-6$16.99Limited quantities on some titlesavailable only while supplies last.22 www.kregel.com'