• Josephus: The Essential Works

    Josephus: The Essential Works
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    Edition: May 17, 1995

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    Publication date: May 17, 1995

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    Josephus: The Essential Works

    (Updated, full-color edition) Jewish Antiquities and The Jewish War take on a brilliant new dimension in this revised edition of the award-winning translation and condensation. Now with color photographs, charts, and maps. Available in Spanish
    Author: Flavius Josephus
    Flavius Josphus (c. A.D. 37-100) was born to an aristocratic Jewish family, served as a priest, and later became the commander of Jewish forces in Galilee following the revolt against Rome that began A.D. 66. Captured by the Romans, Josephus spent his later life in Rome under the patronage of the Roman emperors where he composed his history of the Jewish people and his account of the Jewish war that led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in A.D. 70.