• From the Garden to the City, rev ed

    From the Garden to the City, rev ed
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    ISBN: 9780825433122

    Edition: September 13, 2022

    Pages: 224

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    Publication date: September 13, 2022

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    From the Garden to the City, rev ed

    The Place of Technology in the Story of God

    Author: John Dyer
    "Game-changing. . . . Needed now more than ever before!" --James Kelly, founder of FaithTech

    Technology is not simply an invention of the computer age. It is, in fact, a foundational part of being human--and extends back to the very beginning of creation. But the way we interact with it has fundamentally changed. In this fully revised and updated edition of the popular From the Garden to the City, John Dyer examines technological reality through the lens of Scripture, gleaning insight from the best thinkers on technology, theology, and culture. He reveals how technology left unexamined can enslave us--yet understanding it with spiritual vision, the way God intends, is totally transformative.

    "This book will push you forward in your understanding of both technology and theology--and more importantly, into a deeper understanding of who you are as you seek to walk humbly with your God." --Pete Phillips, director of the Centre for Digital Theology at Spurgeon's College

    "Creative, unpredictable, and surprisingly moving. . . . With Dyer's help, you will never see either a shovel or a smartphone the same way again." --Outreach

    "Lively and accessible to techies and non-techies alike." --World

    "An essential read to equip Christians with a nuanced Scriptural and theological foundation for ethical living in a digital culture. With grace, curiosity, and precision, Dyer provides an accessible model for critical and faithful engagement with technologies that are radically changing us and the world." --Kate Ott, author of Christian Ethics for a Digital Society
    Author: John Dyer
    John Dyer is the Vice President for Enrollment and Educational Technology and assistant professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, and lives in Irving, Texas. His other works includes Ecclesiology for a Digital Church and People of the Screen.