• On Purpose

    On Purpose
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    Edition: May 10, 2022

    Pages: 208

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    Publication date: May 10, 2022

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    Category: Biblical Studies

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    On Purpose

    Understanding God's Freedom for Women Through Scripture

    The debate on the role of women in the body of Christ is intense. Most Christian women just want to do what the Bible says. But what exactly does it say? Join Julie Zine Coleman as she clears away agendas and goes directly to Scripture, letting it speak for itself about God's true design for women.

    "On Purpose oozes with biblical common sense. Coleman addresses the real issues at the core of gender bias in an inviting, 'come let us reason together' way. This book faces these significant issues without the burden of bitterness and is safe for those exploring the issue for the first time." --Mimi Haddad, President of CBE International

    "At once biblically faithful, academically sound, gracious toward those with whom she disagrees, and accessible to a broad readership." --Ronald W. Pierce, professor of biblical and theological studies at Biola University

    "Brilliant. . . . Coleman's discoveries, along with her own stories of wrestling with God's call on her life, will shift how you think about God's plans and purposes for women." --Linda Evans Shepherd, CEO of Right to the Heart Ministries

    "Julie writes with kindness and common sense and with her eyes on the gospel of Jesus. Her exploration of Scripture is easy to understand, and her anecdotes from personal experience are warm and relatable." --Margaret Mowczko, theologian and blogger

    "This book is filled with biblical research that will open your eyes and heart to God's will for women and men." --Monica Schmelter, TV host for TCN's "Bridges," author, and speaker

    "Coleman's well-researched commentary on the Scriptures . . . provides answers with an eyes-wide-open biblical perspective. I appreciate her non-offensive candor when addressing questions many women struggle with today." --Linda Goldfarb, international speaker

    "A thorough and thoughtful treatment of this important topic, vital for church health today." --Dr. Gail Wallace, cofounder of The Junia Project
    Author: Julie Zine Coleman
    Julie Zine Coleman is managing editor for Arise Daily Devotionals and a longtime writer and speaker. She holds a master’s in biblical studies from Capital Bible Seminary, and her previous books include Unexpected Love: God’s Heart Revealed Through Jesus’ Conversations with Women. Julie lives near Annapolis, Maryland, where she and her husband, Steve, raised four children. Learn more on her website juliecoleman.org.