• 1 Timothy

    1 Timothy
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    ISBN: 9780825448270

    Edition: August 29, 2023

    Pages: 128

    Publication date: August 29, 2023

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

    Category: Biblical Studies

    Series: Discover Together Bible Study Series

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    1 Timothy

    Discovering Clarity in a World That Can't Agree

    A nine-week inductive Bible study on untangling truth from assumptions and false teaching

    Ideas and information travel at the speed of a click, a send, or a share. With so much coming at us all the time, how can we separate the gospel from lies and sound teaching from false prophets? Biblically, how can we examine the texts that confuse us with discernment in order to gain new understanding?

    Nearly two thousand years ago, even without the scourge of social media, Paul faced similar problems. False teachers threatened the faith of new believers in a city known for its pagan rites and upside-down gender roles. He wrote this letter to instruct his young protégé on how to create order out of the chaos. But despite the timeless truths he shares, some of our own culture has infected his words with confusion and buried hope.

    Join Sue Edwards and Rebecca Carrell--two seminary professors of different generations--as they delve into this sometimes-baffling book to unearth the solid foundation we can stand on today. Packed with scholarship and deep theology in an accessible format, 1 Timothy continues the popular Discover Together series in a nine-week study for women of all spiritual maturity levels.
    Author: Sue Edwards
    Sue Edwards (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is professor emeritus of educational ministry and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has more than forty years of experience teaching, pastoring, and directing women's ministries. In addition, Sue speaks at retreats, conferences, and seminars across the country, and is author of the Discover Together Bible Study Series. Visit www.discovertogetherseries.com for bible study videos, free leader's guides and more!
    Rebecca Carrell
    Rebecca Carrell is a former radio host, current host of the Honestly, Though podcast, Bible teacher, speaker, and faith leader. Her other books include Holy Jellybeans: Finding God in Everyday Things.