• Building the Kingdom Through Business
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    ISBN: 9780955913518

    Pages: 84

    Publication date: 12-27-2015

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Instant Apostle

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    Building the Kingdom Through Business

    A Mission Strategy for the 21st Century World

    Shaping the world for good and for God through business!

    If it is business that shapes the world, then how can we use it to shape the world for good and for God? Against the background of an international debate on business ethics and more just societies, this book looks at godly business in biblical, historical, and practical ways.

    It includes advice on starting a business, and case studies of businesses already making a difference. There are lessons to be learned! And the world needs us to learn them. If you want to discover a new way of doing business then this book is for you.

    Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur, a church leader with a vision that mission can be different, or simply someone who wants to catch the new wave of what God is up to in the world of business, read this book and be inspired!