• The Limitations of Theological Truth

    The Limitations of Theological Truth
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    The Limitations of Theological Truth

    Why Christians Have the Same Bible but Different Theologies

    Theology is based on God's true and unchanging Word, but does it supply an unwavering foundation for spiritual certainties? Brush contends that it does not, because, like science, theology is a human discipline and subject to our limitations of knowledge, interpretation, and objectivity..

    In part one, Brush unpacks this contention, showing how Christians both past and present have arrived at conclusions that actually run counter to biblical teaching, and how these interpretive viewpoints have changed over time. In part two, he makes the case that flawed theological positions have resulted in views that needlessly conflict with science, and that these clashes can be resolved with more accurate formulations. Brush evenly evaluates questions including the age of the earth, the origin of life, and the end of time.

    Christians who wish to better understand the relationship between their faith and science will be encouraged by the great harmony that Brush sees between scientific findings and biblical teaching. As he guides readers into an awareness of the inherent limitations of our knowledge, believers can cultivate greater humility regarding these contested issues.
    Author: Nigel Brush
    Nigel Brush (Ph.D., UCLA) is professor of geology at Ashland University in Ohio. A committed Christian and scientist, he has supervised numerous archaeological excavations and conducted geological fieldwork in eastern and western North America and England. He and his wife, Anne, live surrounded by farms and forests on a ridge overlooking the town of Wooster, Ohio.