• Typology of Scripture

    Typology of Scripture
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    Edition: October 31, 2000

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    Publication date: October 31, 2000

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    Typology of Scripture

    Two Volumes in One

    This classic work examines typology not only as a biblical and theological subject but also in its connection with Christian doctrines and dispensations. (2 Vols. in 1)
    Author: Patrick Fairbairn
    Patrick Fairbairn (1805-1874) was born in Berwickshire, Scotland, studied at Edinburgh University, and was an outstanding scholar among Scottish Presbyterians. After 27 years in pastoral service, he served three years as divinity professor at the Free Church College in Aberdeen before becoming principal of the Free Church College, Glasgow, for 18 years until his death. He is the author of Commentary on Ezekiel and The Pastoral Epistles.