• The Coming Chinese Church

    The Coming Chinese Church
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    ISBN: 9780857213310

    Edition: November 27, 2013

    Pages: 192

    Publication date: November 27, 2013

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Monarch Books

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    The Coming Chinese Church

    How Rising Faith in China is Spilling Over Its Boundaries

    Author: Paul Golf

    While China is shaking the world in ever increasing ways, behind the scenes it is the church that is moving China. And the Holy Spirit will not stop at China’s borders. From the fires of persecution to the toughest frontiers of mission, the Chinese church is rising up.

    Many Chinese Christians are convinced that they are set to become a powerful missionary force that will reach to the ends of the earth. Chinese believers know how to believe; they know how to pray; and they know how to remember and honor their spiritual heritage. These qualities are leading believers to engage directly with the rest of the world. The Coming Chinese Church tells stories of the Chinese revival previously unpublished in the West and offers prophetic insight into China’s role in missions as it seeks to impact the world.

    Drawing heavily on testimonies and stories from within the Chinese church, this luminous book deals with a number of major themes: confronting the challenges of secularism, anti-Christian sentiment, engaging with Islam, and personal and corporate revival.

    Paul Golf speaks fluent Mandarin and has a professional background in Chinese interpreting and translation. He is ministry coordinator for Love China International.