• The Church Jesus Prayed For

    The Church Jesus Prayed For
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    Edition: January 02, 2013

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    Publication date: January 02, 2013

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    The Church Jesus Prayed For

    A Personal Journey into John 17

    This is the fruit of thirty-five years of meditation on John 17. For most of his ministry, Michael Cassidy has been wracked by the discrepancy between the church Jesus portrays, and the church in daily experience.

    Luther wrote of John 17: "It is so deep, so rich, so wide, no one can fathom it." John Knox had the chapter read to him every day of his last illness. William Temple once reflected that "it is perhaps the most sacred passage even in the four Gospels." John Stott called it "one of the profoundest chapters of the Bible."

    Michael Cassidy looks at Jesus' vision and the church's mundane reality with care and prayerful reflection, asking: Where have we gone wrong? What can we do? How should we amend our ways? He augments his text with dozens of luminous and engaging anecdotes. This is an enormously
    readable and attractive book, permeated with Michael's generous, engaging spirit and shot through with insights into the human condition.

    Author: Michael Cassidy
    Michael Cassidy, the founder of African Enterprise, is constantly traveling and speaking around the world from his base in South Africa. He has been appointed to succeed John Stott as Honorary Chairman of the Lausanne Movement.