b'The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek ManuscriptsVolume 1: Papyrus 172The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek ManuscriptsVolume 2: Papyrus 75139 and UncialsPhilip Wesley Comfort (both volumes) and David P. Barrett (volume 1 only)Invaluable translation tools for students of theNew TestamentT he manuscripts that form the Greek New Testament are scatteredthroughouttheworldandareusuallyonly accessibletoscholarsandprofessionals.Thesewerethe manuscripts read by the earliest Christians, which comprised their New Testament. In his volumes, Philip Wesley Comfort bridges the gap between these extant copies and todays critical text by providing accurate transcriptions of the earliest New Testament manuscripts, with photographs on the facing pages soreaderscanseetheworksforthemselves.Comfortalso provides an introduction to each manuscript that summarizes thecontents,date,currentlocation,provenance,andother essential information, including the latest findings. This allows students and scholars to make well-informed decisions about the translation and interpretation of the New Testament.Volume1includesmanuscriptsfromPapyrus170. Volume 2 includes manuscripts from Papyrus 71139 as well as from the uncials. In addition, it features a special section ondeterminingthedateofamanuscript.Thistwo-volume set replaces the previously published single volume Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts, as it contains many new manuscripts, updated research, and higher quality images of all manuscripts previously covered.Philip Wesley Comfort, PhD, was senior editor at Tyndale House Publishers for over twenty-five years. He has written more than fifteen volumes on New Testament studies.David P. Barrett is a Bible reference editor and the developer of Bible Mapper Software.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTSContains photographs of 978-0-8254-4519-4 (vol. 1)$39.99most manuscripts 978-0-8254-4516-3 (vol. 2)$39.99 Replaces and expands upon previous978-0-8254-4635-1 (two-vol set)$69.99volume published by Tyndale Hardback7 x 10480 pgs (vol.1)496 pgs (vol.2)Biblical Studies / New Testament Invaluable tool for users of Biblical Kregel AcademicRights: WorldGreek and Bible translators October 22, 2019A Commentary onA Commentary on theISBN 978-0-8254-4519-4 ISBN 978-0-8254-4516-3 ISBN 978-0-8254-4635-1Textual Additions toManuscripts and Text of the New Testament the New Testament978-0-8254-4509-5$19.99 978-08254-4340-4$34.99 9 780825 445194 9 780825 445163 9 780825 44635122 www.kregel.com'