b'Into His PresenceA Theology of Intimacy with GodTimothy L. AndersonA theologically grounded treatment of what it means to be close to GodN umerousChristianbooksaimtoprovideguidanceon relationships with God, but few base their conclusions on a biblical theology of intimacy. In this volume, Tim Anderson developsabiblicalandholisticportraitofnearnesstoGod, exploringkeythemessuchasGodsTrinitarianunion,the fall,Godsfatherhood,marriageimagery,suffering,andour relationship with the Holy Spirit. A concluding chapter examines contemporary Christian songs that address oneness with God and evaluates their theological messages in light of the previous chapters. Into His Presence is a helpful guide for pursuing intimacy with God and distinguishing contemporary cultural understandings of close relationships from those communicated in Scripture.Timothy L. Anderson is professor of theology at Corban School of Ministry in Salem, Oregon. He also preaches, leads worship, and does pastoral training in churches.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTSA theological approach to a popular topic 978-0-8254-4467-8$21.99 Excellent for anyone interested inPaperback6 x 9240 pagesspiritual formation and pastoral ministry Christian Theology / GeneralKregel AcademicRights: World Utilizes both biblical theology andJuly 30, 2019systematic theologyMinding the Heart Great Cloud of WitnessesISBN 978-0-8254-4467-8978-0-8254-3665-9$21.99 in Hebrews Eleven978-0-8254-4281-0$22.99 9 780825 44467814 www.kregel.com'