b'W elcometoGoldtown,California,in1859amotley collection of canvas tents and pioneer folks all trying to make a living during the gold rush. In a new six-book series by the ever-popular Susan K. Marlow, Goldtown Beginnings looks into the early years of Jem Coulter, hero of the Goldtown Adventures series. Full of characters young readersespecially boyscan relate to, this new series will capture imaginations and teach kids history in a fun, exciting way.Jem Strikes GoldGOLDTOWN BEGINNINGS #1Susan K. MarlowS even-year-old Jem Coulters family is trying to make a go of it in Goldtown, with Pa panning for gold and Mama baking pies and washing laundry to make ends meet. Jem and his little sister, Ellie, do everything they can to help out.But its hard to help when Will Sterling, a rich boy with a meanstreak,picksonJemeverytimeherunserrandsfor Mama. When Wills antics end up ruining the pies, Jems had enough. No pies means no money for the whole family! How can he get Will to stop?When Strike-It-Rich Sam, Jems prospector friend, shows up with a scrawny dog, Jem might have an answer to the bully problem. The brave pup can protect themif only Jem can con-vince his parents that another mouth to feed is a good idea.RELATED TITLES 978-0-8254-4625-2$5.99 eachPaperback5.25 x 880 pagesAges 68JUVENILE FICTION / HistoricalKregel PublicationsRights: WorldSeptember 24, 2019Andis Pony Trouble Badge of Honor ISBN 978-0-8254-4625-29780-8254-4181-3$5.99 978-0-8254-4294-0$7.999 780825 44625220 www.kregel.com'