4 kregel.com/academic BIBLICAL STUDIES THE HERMENEUTICS OF THE BIBLICAL WRITERS Learning to Interpret Scripture from the Prophets and Apostles ABNER CHOU 978-0-8254-4324-4 • $23.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 256 pages Biblical Studies / Exegesis & Hermeneutics Kregel Academic Rights: World Available A method of interpretation—a hermeneutic—is indispensable for understanding Scripture, constructing theology, and liv- ing the Christian life, but most contemporary hermeneutical systems fail to acknowledge the principles and practices of the biblical writers themselves. Christians today cannot employ a truly biblical view of the Bible unless they understand why the prophets and apostles interpreted Scripture the way they did. To this end, Abner Chou proposes a “hermeneutic of obedience,” in which believers learn tointerpretScripturethewaythebiblicalauthorsdid—including understanding the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament. Chou first unfolds the “prophetic hermeneutic” of the Old Testament authors, then demonstrates the continuity of this approach with the “apostolic hermeneutic” of the New Testament authors. “Abner Chou undertakes the bold and dynamic chal- lenge of understanding and embracing the interpre- tive perspective of the biblical authors. Join him in the venture. See with new eyes. Understand the Bible. Have it change your life.” —Jim Hamilton, professor of biblical theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary “For Chou, taking Scripture seriously includes being able to trace and reproduce how the Old Testament prophets and the New Testament apostles and proph- ets used the Scriptures that existed prior to their own times. Our proper use of Scripture stands in continu- ity with how Scripture’s writers used Scripture.” —Ardel B. Caneday, professor of New Testament and Greek, University of Northwestern Abner Chou (ThD, The Master’s Seminary) is professor of biblical studies at The Master’s University and Seminary. His other publications include I Saw the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Vision. CONTENTS 1. The Quest for Authorial Logic 2. Groundwork for the Quest: Presuppositions and Method 3. The Prophetic Hermeneutic: The Prophet as Exegete and Theologian 4. The Prophetic Hermeneutic: Did the Prophets Speak Better Than They Knew, or Better Than We Give Them Credit For? 5. The Apostolic Hermeneutic: Continuity with the Prophets 6. The Apostolic Hermeneutic: The Theological Fabric of the New Testament 7. The Christian Hermeneutic: Reading as They Read and Intended 8. Scripture’s Sophistication, First Theologians, and the Hermeneutics of Surrender