20 kregel.com/academic CHURCH HISTORY SINNERS AND SAINTS The Real Story of Early Christianity Real Church History DEREK COOPER 978-0-8254-4407-4 • $20.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 176 pages Christian Church / History Kregel Academic Rights: World Available Where most books dance around the distasteful details of the church’s past, this one puts a spotlight on the negative and positive alike. With one ear attuned to the early church and another to contemporary culture, this book addresses the growing concerns both Christians and non-Christians have about how transparent the church has been about its roots. This book offers a forthright depiction of early Christianity, beginning with the apostles and ending after the time of Augustine. Sinners and Saints is the first of a four-volume series that humanizes the history of Christianity by honestly examining the actions, doctrines, decisions, groups, movements, and practices of past Christians. This book’s assessment helps the reader accurately understand Christianity’s background and recognize how it continues to shape the present. “This Real Story of Early Christianity is a page-turner that recognizes that authenticity in our present Christian witness begins with our willingness to tell the truth about our past. This way of telling our story is honest, compelling, and edifying!” —Roy E. Ciampa, manager of biblical scholarship and integrated training, Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship “[Sinners and Saints] lays out many of the absurd, embarrassing, funny, scary, and plain weird things that happened in the early church. . . . A truly unique entrée into early church history!” —Michael F. Bird, academic dean and lecturer in theology, Ridley College Derek Cooper (PhD, The Lutheran Theological Seminary) is associate professor of world Christian history and direc- tor of the doctor of ministry program at Biblical Theological Seminary. His other publications include Christianity and World Religions. CONTENTS 1. Living in the Real World—Daily Life 2. Leading with a Limp—Flawed Leadership 3. Marching Toward Death—Martyrs and Saints 4. Going to Church—Faith and Practice 5. Arguing with Pagans and Jews—Apologetics 6. Drawing a Family Tree—Theology and Ecclesiology 7. Reading in the Forbidden Section—The Other Christian Bible 8. Serving God and Money 9. Putting Sex on Trial—Gender and Religion 10. Converting the Nations—Mission and Society