16 kregel.com/academic THEOLOGY 40 QUESTIONS ABOUT ANGELS, DEMONS, AND SPIRITUAL WARFARE 40 Questions Series See page 33 for full series JOHN R. GILHOOLY 978-0-8254-4468-5 • $21.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 240 pages Christian Theology / Angelology & Demonology Kregel Academic Rights: World Available In 40 Questions About Angels, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare, John Gilhooly provides a biblical and balanced perspective on the many issues surrounding the spiritual realm. Using a popular question-and-answer format, he explains spiri- tual warfare, angels and demons, the role of Satan, models and practices for spiritual warfare, and topics related to the occult. Beneficial as a comprehensive overview or as a reference guide to particular subjects, this volume provides concise but thorough answers to many important questions, including: • Do believers have guardian angels? • Can Christians be demon possessed? • Are there territorial spirits? • Why and when did the devil fall from heaven? • What is the role of prayer in spiritual warfare? • Are there such things as spiritual curses? “C. S. Lewis warned years ago that our approach to demons tends toward disbelieving their existence or becoming fascinated with them. This work strikes a healthy, biblical balance by grounding responses in the Word while addressing debatable contempo- rary approaches to spiritual warfare. It is a biblically sound, historically informative, and practically rele- vant resource.” —Chuck Lawless, professor of evangelism and missions, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary “John Gilhooly responds to many misconceptions, old and new, surrounding the vexing issue of spiri- tual warfare. Foundational to his approach are a belief in the final authority of the Bible on the subject, a commendable reticence about engaging in unbibli- cal speculation, and a conviction that spiritual war- fare is primarily about the believer’s ongoing struggle with sin. Gilhooly offers robust discussion of a very wide range of issues, and his book will be appreciated by those perplexed by the bewildering and constantly expanding range of unhelpful teaching in this area.” —Keith Ferdinando, associate pastor, Woodford Evangelical Church John R. Gilhooly (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of philosophy and theology at Cedarville University. His other publications include Evil and A Selection of Its Theological Problems (as editor). CONTENTS Part 1: Introductory Questions Part 2: Questions About Spiritual Powers Section A: Questions Related to Angels Section B: Questions Related to Demons Section C: Questions Related to the Devil Part 3: Questions About Spiritual Warfare Section A: Questions Related to Spiritual Warfare in History Section B: Questions Related to Contemporary Models of Spiritual Warfare Section C: Questions Related to Spiritual-Warfare Practices Section D: Questions Related to the Occult