29 INVITATION TO EDUCATIONAL MINISTRY Foundations of Transformative Christian Education Invitation to Theological Studies See page 36 for full series GEORGE M. HILLMAN JR. AND SUE G. EDWARDS, EDITORS 978-0-8254-4444-9 • $42.99 Hardback • 7.5 x 9.25 • 528 pages Christian Education / Adult Kregel Academic Rights: World Available Because teaching is at the heart of Christian ministry, the editors of Invitation to Educational Ministry have assembled a team of seasoned experts to present a comprehensive plan of Christian education. This volume will help church staff, para- church leaders, and small-group teachers become more effec- tive, influential, and creative. AfterlayingabiblicalandpracticalfoundationforChristian education, the contributors provide specific guidance on teaching a variety of individuals and groups, including chil- dren, adults, singles, seniors, and non-Christians. The final section shares valuable insights on leading small groups, teaching innovatively, and overseeing a healthy edu- cation ministry, among other topics. Each chapter is designed to equip educators with the most relevant information, and includes many useful features: • Real-life case studies • Scriptural support • Explanations of key terms and concepts • Practical suggestions • Resources for additional study • Sidebars illustrating best principles and practices “Don’t add this book to your shelf; keep it on your desk, close at hand. Refer to it often and become the tireless trainer of a generation that needs to know God and His Word.” —Michael Easley, president emeritus, Moody Bible Institute GeorgeM.HillmanJr.(PhD,SouthwesternBaptistTheological Seminary) is department chair and professor of educational ministries and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. SueG.Edwards(DMin,Gordon-ConwellTheologicalSeminary) is associate professor of educational ministries and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her other publications include Organic Mentoring. CONTENTS What: The Foundation 1. What Makes a Great Teacher? (Bill Hendricks) 2. A Philosophy of Christian Education (Michael S. Lawson) 3. The Heart of Making Disciples (Mark Heinemann) 4. The Influence of Technology on Educational Ministry (John Dyer) Who: The People 5. Formative: Preschool and Children (Jerry Lawrence) 6. In Between: Adolescents (Jay Sedwick) 7. Overwhelmed: Adults (Sue G. Edwards) 8. Stressed: Men (Paul Pettit) 9. Undervalued: Women (Sue G. Edwards) 10. Under Attack: Families and Marriages (Michael S. Lawson) 11. Invisible: Single Adults (Joye Baker) 12. Forgotten: Senior Adults (Sabrina Hopson) 13. Overlooked: The Disabled (Mike Justice) 14. Curious: Not Yet Christians (A. J. Rinaldi) How: The Process 15. Facilitating Transformative Small Groups (Joye Baker) 16. Creativity in Educational Ministry (Karen Giesen) 17. Mentoring the Next Generation (Barbara Neumann) 18. Utilizing Retreats, Camping, and Outdoor Ministries (Dan Bolin) 19. Administering a Healthy Educational Ministry (Jim Thames) 20. Educational Ministry in the Smaller Church (Lin McLaughlin) 21. Putting It All Together: The Educational Cycle (George M. Hillman Jr.) MINISTRY & CHURCH LEADERSHIP