25 PSYCHOLOGY THE BRAIN, THE MIND, AND THE PERSON WITHIN The Enduring Mystery of the Soul MARK COSGROVE 978-0-8254-4526-2 • $18.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 184 pages Religion & Science Kregel Academic Rights: World Available The brain, with its nearly one hundred billion neurons, is con- sidered the most complex structure in the universe, and we are living in a period of revolutionary advancements in neuro- science. Yet scientists and skeptics often frame these findings in ways that challenge the Christian worldview. Many profes- sionals and popularizers claim that human beings are their brains, and that all human behavior and experience are merely by-products of brain physiology. In The Brain, the Mind, and the Person Within, professor of psy- chology Mark Cosgrove not only explains what the brain is and what it does but also corrects common misinterpretations and demonstrates that what we know about the brain coheres with the teachings of Scripture. He contends that humans are uni- ties of soul and body in which both the spiritual and the phys- ical interact. From this perspective, he presents informative overviews of contemporary debates about the brain, includ- ing consciousness, free will, “God spots,” personhood, and life after death. The better we understand the brain, the better we under- stand ourselves and our exquisite design that reflects the wis- dom of the Creator. Thoughtful readers will find this to be a fascinating, accessible survey of this unique part of the body and the profound theological and technological issues sur- rounding it. “Mark Cosgrove’s book unpacks what we know of the vast complexity of the human brain while cele- brating the reality of the person who can stand back and decide to explore such questions. He explains thoughtfully and effectively how neuroscientific advances . . . inform and expand our understanding of personhood without destroying it. I highly recom- mend this engaging and wide-ranging exploration of the brain and mind.” —Stanton L. Jones, professor emeritus of psychology, Wheaton College Mark P. Cosgrove (PhD, Purdue University) is professor and chair of the psychology department at Taylor University. His other publications include Foundations of Christian Thought. CONTENTS 1. The Human Brain: An Introduction to a Mystery 2. Brain on the Table: The Anatomy of Mind 3. Rivers of the Mind: Shaping the Self 4. The Hard Problem: Neural Pixie Dust or God’s Spirit 5. Free Will or Free Won’t: Somewhat Free and Somewhat Not 6. God Spots on the Brain: Putting God Back Where He Belongs 7. Persons at the Edges of Personality: Still There, Just Hidden from View 8. Recreating the Human Being: Future Neuro-Technologies and Robots 9. The End of the Matter: Bottled Brains 10. Thoughts About Persons and Brains: You Were Never Out of My Mind