• Where Trees Touch the Sky

    Where Trees Touch the Sky
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    Price: $16.99

    ISBN: 9780825448522

    Edition: August 13, 2024

    Pages: 352

    Publication date: August 13, 2024

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

    Category: Fiction

    Series: National Parks

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    Where Trees Touch the Sky

    A Redwood National Park Novel

    Some secrets have shadows as long as the redwoods are tall.

    In the early 1920s, the accelerating destruction of the California redwoods is more than nature-loving Marion Baker can bear. Throwing herself headlong into the work of the Save the Redwoods League, she is shocked to learn that Frank Duncan, a man she's grown to love, is the son of one of the area's worst timber barons. Though devastated by the betrayal, she realizes this could also be an opportunity--if only she can convince him to help preserve her favorite grove from his father's greedy grasp. Is her love strong enough to persuade him to save these precious trees? Or will Marion choose to sacrifice her beliefs to keep Frank by her side?

    Nearly fifty years later, in 1972, polio survivor June Turner is deeply proud of the legacy her great aunt Marion has left as a redwood warrior. And despite her disability, June is determined to prove herself capable as a ranger at the recently established Redwood National Park, even if it means taking to the trails with her crutch in hand. What better way to carry on the family tradition of preserving God’s magnificent creation?

    When aspiring film student Adam Garner approaches June to help make a documentary about Marion's life, she swiftly grabs the opportunity to spread her aunt's worthy reputation. That is, until they unearth a secret that might shatter the family legacy. In the scramble for answers, June may lose not only her family pride but also her own dreams.

    Karen Barnett's beautifully crafted split-time novel, set against the majestic backdrop of a beloved national park, immerses the reader in history that feels as fresh as if it happened yesterday.
    Author: Karen Barnett
    Karen Barnett is the award-winning author of eight novels including When Stone Wings Fly and The Vintage National Parks Novels. A former national park ranger, she’s also a hobby photographer and enjoys teaching writing workshops with both Cascade Christian Writers and West Coast Christian Writers. She and her family live in Albany, Oregon. Visit Karen online at karenbarnettbooks.com.