• The Spirituality of Paul

    The Spirituality of Paul
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    Edition: July 27, 2016

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    The Spirituality of Paul

    Partnering with the Spirit in Everyday Life

    The traditional venues for making sense of the complicated apostle Paul are history and theology. Indeed, one cannot understand him apart from either. However, something is still missing from our portrait of Paul. Rather than thinking of Paul as a theologian and an apostle, Leslie Hardin argues there is great benefit in approaching him as a disciple, a Spirit-filled man who wanted to pass vibrant spirituality on to those he encountered.

    In The Spirituality of Paul, Hardin uncovers the things Paul practiced in his own life, and those he taught his followers, in order to attempt to live an authentic, Spirit-filled Christian life. Hardin points out that in order to foster the power of the Spirit, Paul, like each of us, had to dedicate himself to everyday routines and practices. What were those spiritual disciplines? How did they help him? And how might they be applied in our modern lives to bring us closer to Christ?

    Whether a general reader or mature believer, the reader of this book will find Paul to be a true brother, a fellow sinner receiving grace.

    Author: Leslie Hardin
    Dr. Les Hardin is Professor of New Testament at Johnson University Florida. His primary areas of expertise are Life of Christ, Greek, and Revelation. He has served local churches in Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, and Florida. 
    In addition to his ministry experience in the local church, he has also taught as an Adjunct Professor for Great Lakes Christian College and Cincinnati Christian University. 
    Dr. Hardin is the author of Letters for Micah: Navigating the Internal Dynamics of Your First Ministry (Wipf and Stock,2008), and Rooted in Christ: A Beginner's Guide to the Christian Life (Lulu, 2012). His recent book, The Spirituality of Jesus (Kregel, 2009), was a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award. 
    Les has co-authored three books with his family: Giving Away Christmas (Lulu, 2010), The Spirit of the Holidays (Lulu, 2011), and In Our Own Back Yard (Lulu, 2012). 
    Publicly, Dr. Hardin might never admit it, but he is a medal-winning racquetball player, loves the Detroit Red Wings, and has read the entire Anne of Green Gables series!