• The Little Book for Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

    The Little Book for Really Really Brilliant Grandparents
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    Edition: March 23, 2021

    Pages: 144

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    Publication date: March 23, 2021

    Format: Hardback

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    The Little Book for Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

    Encouragement, wisdom, and plenty of humor for very busy grandparents

    Being a grandparent is often a second chance at parenting and can be full of joy and excitement. It is also a time of adjustment as we find our feet in a world of changes since having our own children. Many of us long for help, for a little encouragement as we try to be there for, and bring out the best in, our beloved grandchildren.

    In this lovely, lighthearted collection of quotes and sayings, Rob Parsons and Katharine Hill--a grandparent herself--offer ideas, strategies, and practical tips on this vital role within the family. Whether we are overeager or burned-out grandparents, very involved or unsure-how-to-help grandparents, this funny, engaging book is sure to help busy grandparents be the best grandparents they can possibly be.
    Author: Rob Parsons
    Rob Parsons is an international speaker on family issues and the author of many best-sellers including The Heart of Success and The 60-Minute Father. Over half a millon people have attended his live seminars.
    Katharine Hill
    Katharine Hill, LLB, JP, is UK director at Care for the Family. She speaks and writes on family matters, is a regular author for HuffPost, and is the author of several books. Katharine also leads Care for the Family’s policy agenda, representing the organization at the government level, and has practiced as a family lawyer. She is married to Richard and they have four grown children and two grandchildren