• Missing Being Mrs, Updated Edition

    Missing Being Mrs, Updated Edition
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    ISBN: 9780857216397

    Edition: July 27, 2015

    Pages: 160

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    Publication date: July 27, 2015

    Format: Paperback

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    Category: Christian Living and Devotionals

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    Missing Being Mrs, Updated Edition

    Surviving Divorce Without Losing Your Friends, Your Faith or Your Mind

    How do you come to terms with divorce? What can you do to hold things together and find a way forward?

    When her husband walked out after twenty-two years of marriage, Jen Croly was devastated. Painfully, she tried to rebuild her life, stitch together her shattered confidence, and discover who she was. She clung to her faith: "Even when I could barely believe in God, God went on believing in me."

    During the tough process of recovery, she looked for a really candid, helpful book but found most volumes horribly patronizing. She sought a book by someone who had survived the experience and that dealt with practical questions: How do you tell other people? Whom can you trust? What is your name? What about the family? Money? Car maintenance? What about dating?

    Jen shares the wisdom she found without prescribing one-size-fits-all answers. For any divorced or about to be divorced woman, Missing Being Mrs contains both Scriptural truths and practical advice.
    Author: Jennifer Croly
    Jennifer Croly is a divorcee with four children. She has worked as a teacher and has wide experience of the damage divorce can do to children, the problems they face in coming to terms with it, and the ignorance of those around them as to how long the process of adjustment can take.