• Foundations of Spiritual Formation

    Foundations of Spiritual Formation
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    Foundations of Spiritual Formation

    A Community Approach to Becoming Like Christ

    Foundations of Spiritual Formation takes a unique approach to its subject, arguing that we become like Christ in the context of authentic, Christian community. Without undermining individual Bible study, private prayer, and meditation, the authors emphasize these pursuits for the purpose of both personal and community enrichment-that the whole body, as well as the individual, may be built up.

    Part 1 lays the
    groundwork of spiritual formation. Jonathan Morrow develops a
    distinctively evangelical theology, while Richard Averbeck writes about
    worship. Then Gordon Johnston and Darrell Bock delve into the text
    of Scripture, grounding the pursuit of spiritual formation in revealed truth.

    Part 2 focuses on functional
    aspects of spiritual formation. Klaus Issler emphasizes the importance of
    the heart in spiritual formation, while Reid Kisling illustrates the
    vital connection between character development and spiritual formation. Bill
    explores love's role as the motivation for spiritual formation.
    Andrew Seidel
    examines servant leadership, and George Hillman extends
    the discussion to include the significance of calling. Gail Seidel
    discusses personal narrative as a catalyst for spiritual formation, and in
    closing, Harry Shields advocates the public preaching of the Word as a
    tool for spiritual formation.

    Author: Paul Pettit
    Paul Pettit (D.Min., Dallas Theological Seminary) is the president and founder of Dynamic Dads, an organization offering encouragement to fathers. A former sportscaster and youth pastor, he currently serves at Dallas Seminary as director of spiritual formation. Paul enjoys theology, golf, Kansas University basketball, and Texas barbecue.