• Discipled Leader

    Discipled Leader
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    Discipled Leader

    Inspiration from a Fortune 500 Executive for Transforming Your Workplace by Pursuing Christ

    "A must-read for every leader."
    --Dan T. Cathy, Chairman and CEO at Chick-fil-A, Inc.

    Preston Poore has spent decades in corporate America. Despite all the excellent advice he was given for growing in leadership, there was something missing: a way to bring his Christian beliefs to bear in his professional life, not just his personal life. So Preston sought his own answer to how his faith could impact his management of hundreds of employees.

    What he discovered was this: the first step wasn't adjusting his leadership style. Instead, he needed to let God change him before he could effect real change in his workplace. And in order to model discipleship to his team, he needed to first be discipled by the Spirit. Here, in the day-to-day practice of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, Poore found where his faith and exceptional leadership intersect.

    Through personal stories, biblical principles, and hands-on workplace guidance, Poore offers readers a unique look at this seldom-discussed connection. He challenges struggling leaders to engage in the hard work of daily discipleship. And he charges experienced leaders to return to the fundamentals of their faith, encouraging them to disciple other Christians with leadership potential.

    For anyone wrestling with how to bring faith to the workplace, whether it be a cubicle or a boardroom, Discipled Leader reveals that leadership doesn't begin behind the desk--it begins in the soul.
    Preston Poore has held various positions with The Coca-Cola Company, The Hershey Company, Dale Carnegie Training, Ralston Purina, and AmSouth Bank. A small-business owner of Numerica Corporation, Poore is also a certified John Maxwell Team coach, speaker, and trainer. He makes his home in Marietta, Georgia. Discover more at prestonpoore.com.