• The Great Tribulation--Past or Future?

    The Great Tribulation--Past or Future?
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    The Great Tribulation--Past or Future?

    Two Evangelicals Debate the Question

    This engaging book brings together the opposing viewpoints of two respected evangelicals on whether the great tribulation is a past, present, or future event. This material is especially helpful in gaining an understanding of the end times as the arguments are presented in a friendly debate format with responses by each author to the other's position.
    Thomas Ice (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD, Tyndale Seminary) is the director of the Pre-Trib Research Center and resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. is a retired Presbyterian minister, author of numerous books on theology and biblical studies, and a conference speaker who has spoken throughout America, in the Caribbean, and Australia. He also has several professionally-produced educational videos available at his personal website: KennethGentry.com.