• 1,000 Bible Study Outlines
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    ISBN: 9780825432477

    Pages: 496

    Publication date: 6-30-1980

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Ministry

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    1,000 Bible Study Outlines

    Study Helps and Sermon Outlines

    The diligent student, busy pastor and sincere layman will find a collection of diverse outlines within these pages. Titles include: "Attitudes of the Believer," "The Believer's Calling," "Blunders," "Christ's Sevenfold Character," "How to Help in the Lord's Work," "Power of the Cross," "Seven Golden Links of Grace," "The Ideal Church," "Waiting Upon the Lord," "Zealous People" and 990 others.

    1,000 Bible Study Outlines will provide "stepping stones" to rewarding Bible study or sermon and lesson preparation and provides a treasure of inspiration!

    ". . . valuable as sermon starters for preachers, leading the preacher to deeper Bible study."

    —The Baptist Record

    "Its value lies in the fact that the student is directed to the Book, and so becomes both a learner and a teacher."

    —The Lamp and the Light

    "...should be of considerable value to preachers, teachers and Christian workers. . . . an excellent production."

    —Prophetic Witness

    "...a book of abiding value . . . there is something in this volume for every need and time which makes it an excellent resource."

    —Evangelical Baptist

    "Ministers and other Christian workers . . . will find value in this work."

    —The Presbyterian Journal

    Frederick Edward Marsh (1858-1931) was a great man of God, avid student of the Word of God, and a prolific author. His keen insight into the deeper truths of the Word of God has been recorded in his many books. A member of the Advent Testimony Movement, Marsh devoted his entire life to a teaching ministry of the Bible.

    Works by F.E. Marsh published by Kregel Publications include: Devotional Bible Studies, Emblems of the Holy Spirit, 500 Bible Study Outlines, Illustrated Bible Study Outilnes, Major Bible Truths, Why Did Christ Die?, and Practical Truths From First Thessalonians.