• The Spirituality of Jesus

    The Spirituality of Jesus
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    The Spirituality of Jesus

    Nine Disciplines Christ Modeled for Us

    What do we know about Jesus' spirituality‌? What disciplines did He follow‌? These rarely asked but essential questions are answered in The Spirituality of Jesus. Author Leslie T. Hardin points readers to the Gospels and shows that Jesus' spirituality is seen not in the miracles He performed but in His everyday activities. In the Gospels, we catch glimpses of His instructive daily routines.

    Hardin identifies nine practices, or disciplines, that allowed the Spirit to work in and through Jesus:

    • Prayer and solitude

    • Care for the oppressed

    • Resisting temptation

    • Corporate worship

    • Scripture study

    • Meal sharing

    • Simplicity

    • Submission to the Father

    • Evangelism and proclamation

    Hardin looks at how these disciplines opened avenues for the Spirit, and how they can be integrated into the lives of modern Christians.
    Leslie T. Hardin has spent over 15 years in pastoral ministry and nearly 10 years in higher education. He is professor of the New Testament at Florida Christian College. This is his second book.