• Real Stuff
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    ISBN: 9780825429316

    Pages: 160

    Publication date: 7-11-2006

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

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    Real Stuff

    A Survivor's Guide

    Just what is “real stuff”?


    It’s all that stuff you have to deal with that can have you tripping all over yourself just trying to stay afloat. It’s the basics: rules, rags (clothes), and relationships.

    Between that guy in class who makes your head spin and parents who seem to have forgotten that your life is your life, things can get pretty rough. That’s why Heather Jamison has written this survivor’s guide—to help you survive!

    Going straight to the Bible AND using her own experiences, Heather offers advice on life’s essentials—rules, rags, and relationships. Her husband, Brian, and friend Henry Rogers chime in to offer a guy’s perspective, and dish up just about everything you’ve wanted to know about the male mind.

    Basically—life can be tough, but no one has to go solo!

    "This book helps bring an invaluable focus for teens. It's written with a fresh perspective from someone who understands the diversity of teens."


    Real Stuff speaks straight to teen girls in a personal, sit-down-and-have-a-soda-and-we-can-talk kind of way. . . .”

    —Katherine Armstrong
    Age 13, San Antonio, TX

    “Every teenage girl needs to know she is beautiful, that she is loved, and that her worth comes directly from above. That message comes through loud and clear in Real Stuff!”

    —Joe White
    President, Kanakuk Kamps

    Heather Jamison met and fell headfirst in love with her husband, Brian (M.A., Dallas Theological Seminary), when she was 14 years old (he was 16!). Today they serve as humanitarian workers together in East Africa with their four children. A widely published author, Heather’s work has appeared in many places including Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Woman, Real FamilyLife and Youthworker’s Journal.

    Henry J. Rogers is the Corporate Chaplain for Interstate Batteries in Dallas, Texas. He serves on the President’s Council for Dallas Theological Seminary and on the boards for World Impact-Dallas, Children’s Hope Chest, and as chairman of the board for Probe Ministries. He is the author of The Silent War—a book intended to encourage moral purity.