• Introducing Jesus

    Introducing Jesus
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    ISBN: 9780825448126

    Edition: September 17, 2024

    Publication date: September 17, 2024

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    Category: Theology and Religious Studies

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    Introducing Jesus

    The Fourfold Gospel

    A book for those who think they know Jesus and for those who know they don't.

    Can anyone in our high-tech world truly understand someone who lived two thousand years ago? Can we get through twenty centuries of tradition to the real person who started it all? Andreas Köstenberger shows that the Gospels, the four earliest records about Jesus, do just that. These writings, named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, alongside key facts about the ancient world, bring Jesus's life, his words, and his legacy into focus.

    Introducing Jesus gets to the heart of what was--and is--important about Jesus. Köstenberger uses succinct prose, photographs, maps, charts, and more to address these questions:

    • What did each gospel writer intend to convey about Jesus?

    • What historical backgrounds help us understand Jesus better?

    • What aspects of Jesus's life and teaching do the Gospels emphasize?

    • What does Jesus mean to people living today?

    Adapted from Köstenberger's The Jesus of the Gospels (2020) for a younger readership, Introducing Jesus lends itself well to the typical organization of a high school year or college semester. A corresponding website includes resources for instructors.
    Author: Andreas J. Köstenberger
    Andreas J. Köstenberger (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is research professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University and theologian in residence at Fellowship Raleigh. He is also the cofounder of Biblical Foundations and author, editor, or translator of over sixty books. Dr. Köstenberger and his wife Marny live in North Carolina.