• 40 Questions About Arminianism

    40 Questions About Arminianism
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    40 Questions About Arminianism

    The actual life and teaching of Jacobus Arminius are often unknown or misunderstood. Answers beyond a basic caricature can be elusive. In 40 Questions About Arminianism, however, J. Matthew Pinson combines solid historical research with biblical and doctrinal precision to address the following questions and more:
    • Who was Jacobus Arminius?
    • How has the church interpreted God's desire that everyone be saved?
    • How is Arminianism different from Calvinism?
    • Can one be both Reformed and Arminian?
    • What is "universal enabling grace"?
    • What do Arminians mean by "free will"?
    • Do Arminians believe that God predestines individuals to salvation?
    • Is it possible for a Christian to apostatize?

    An accessible question-and-answer format helps readers pursue the issues that interest them most, with additional resources available at 40questions.net. Questins regarding historical backgrounds and the Bible encourage a broad understanding of historic and contemporary Arminianism.

    ". . . the best resource in print that provides trustworthy insight into a comparison of Arminianism and Calvinism . . . the most comprehensive book available on the essentials of Arminian theology." --W. Stephen Gunter, Duke Divinity School

    "Anyone who wants to be thoroughly informed about Arminianism must read 40 Questions About Arminianism." --Roger E. Olson, Baylor University

    "40 Questions About Arminianism may well rank as the best available exposition of evangelical Arminianism . . . a gracious and profoundly learned response to the biblical Calvinism that I embrace." --Michael A. G. Haykin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    "40 Questions About Arminianism conveys a beautiful irenic tone." --Timothy Tennent, Asbury Theological Seminary
    Author: J. Matthew Pinson
    J. Matthew Pinson has been president of Welch College in Gallatin, Tennessee, for twenty years and previously served as a pastor of churches in Alabama, Connecticut, and Georgia. He holds a master's degree from Yale University and a doctorate from Vanderbilt University and is the author or editor of ten books, including Arminian and Baptist: Explorations in a Theological Tradition.