b'Ishmael in the Shadow of Israel Exploring the ScripturesGods Prophetic Plan for Abrahams Firstborn An Overview of the Bible from GenesisTony Maalouf; Foreword by Eugene H. Merrill to RevelationJohn PhillipsA thoughtful and well-documented call to rethink theNow in paperback with a fresh design!role of Arabs in the plan of Godestern Christianitys long-standing support of Israel has,E ffectiveBiblestudybeginswithaclearunderstandingof W perhapsunintentionally,nurturedaprejudiceagainstthe Bible as an inspired whole instead of sixty-six disjointed books.ExploringtheScripturesgivestheseriousstudenta Arab peoplethe descendants of Abrahams first son, Ishmael.panoramic view of Gods Word that provides a firm foundation Author Tony Maalouf contends that this bias differs dramaticallyfor more detailed study of books, passages, and themes of the from the biblical portrayal of Ishmael and the nations that haveBible.sprung from him. Each book of Scripture is presented through a brief introduc-Maalouf strives to change the thinking of Bible believers to ation, a concise outline, and a comprehensive summary of the more accurate understanding of this crucial contemporary issue.books content. Also included are special chapters dealing with He traces the Abrahamic heritage of the Arab people and majorsthe major divisions of Scripture and thirty-five maps and charts on the positive Arab-Israeli relationships in biblical history. to help with visualization of important Bible content.Tony Maalouf (19572020) served as assistant academic deanJohnPhillips(19272010)servedasassistantdirectorof and professor of biblical studies at Jordan Evangelical Theologicalthe Moody Correspondence School as well as director of the Seminary in Amman, Jordan, and as an adjunct professor at theEmmaus Correspondence School, one of the worlds largest Bible Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, Lebanon. correspondence ministries.978-0-8254-4807-2$21.99 978-0-8254-4515-6$20.99Paperback5.5 x 8.5368 pages Paperback6 x 9256 pagesRELIGION / Comparative Religion RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / GeneralKregel MinistryRights: World Kregel PublicationsRights: WorldFebruary 21, 2023 Available20 www.kregel.com'