b'A Commentary on JeremiahMichael B. ShepherdKREGEL EXEGETICAL LIBRARYA thorough, passage-by-passage exegetical analysis of the book of JeremiahT he book that bears the prophet Jeremiahs name does not merely document the past but looks forward to Gods future and final work in Christ. Perhaps more than any book of the Old Testament, Jeremiah attests to the process of its own writing, transmission, and editing, and these internal clues confirm its original purpose as a book for all time and for every nation.Michael Shepherd carefully lays out Jeremiahs far-reaching messagewithpassage-by-passagetranslationandup-to-date commentary.Thethemesofjudgmentandrestorationcer-tainly concern Israels historical judgment at the hands of the Babylonians and their subsequent return, but also the eschato-logical judgment of all worldly opposition to God and a final res-toration and flourishing in the land of the covenant.Shepherds second volume in the Kregel Exegetical Library series, this commentary makes a significant contribution to the academic dialogue on the book of Jeremiah and its connections to the rest of Scripture. The exploration is helpful for the scholar but accessible and useful for the pastor, examining the themes of covenant, kingship, judgment, restoration, and the nations.MichaelB.Shepherd(PhDinOldTestamentStudies, SoutheasternBaptistTheologicalSeminary,WakeForest, NC)isprofessorofbiblicalstudiesatCedarvilleUniversity in Cedarville, OH. His previous publication with Kregel is A Commentary on the Book of the Twelve: The Minor Prophets in theKregelExegeticalLibraryseries.Dr.Shepherdhasbeen teaching and publishing research on the prophetic literature for nearly twenty years.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Thorough exegetical analysis of the book978-0-8254-4608-5$57.99of Jeremiah Hardcover6 x 9912 pages Authored by a scholar with nearly twoRELIGION / Biblical Commentary / Old decades of teaching and publishingTestament / Prophetsresearch on prophetic literature Kregel AcademicRights: WorldFebruary 21, 2023 Draws on extensive knowledge of ancient Jeremiah andThe Prophets of Israel Near Eastern culture through the biblical Lamentations 978-0-8254-4572-9$44.99 prophetic tradition978-0-8254-2567-7$38.9918 www.kregel.com'