b'Left to Their Own Devices?Confident Parenting in a World of ScreensThird EditionKatharine Hill; foreword by Rob Parsons, OBEThe new, fully revised edition of Katharine Hills lifeline for parents navigating the digital worldT oday,questionssurroundingtechnology,screentime, online school, and parenting are very real, and even more so following the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents need answers!Katharine Hill, author ofA Mind of Their Own,explores the impact of the digital world on teenagers and younger children, giving up-to-date practical advice on all the important issues. She addresses the impact of everything from screen time, social media, and gaming to more serious issues such as online bully-ing, grooming, and pornography. This third edition, complete withup-to-the-minuteresearch,hasbeencomprehensively revised in the light of the pandemic, offering new content and freshinsightintohowwecanconfrontrecenttechnological challenges and changes.Whether cradling a newborn or riding the roller coaster of the teenage years, a stranger to Snapchat or with two thousand followers on Twitter, this book is for moms and dads who want not only to cope with bringing up children in the age of digital technology, but to be on the forefrontconfidently parenting in a post-pandemic world of screens.Katharine Hill, LLB, JP, is UK director at Care for the Family. She speaks and writes on family matters, is a regular author for HuffPost, and is the author of several books. Katharine also leads Care for the Familys policy agenda, representing the orga-nization at the government level, and has practiced as a family lawyer. She is married to Richard and they have four grown chil-dren and two grandchildren.R ATUEEDEILTLLIENSGUENLIQ S T POINTS UNIQUE SELLING POINTS Includes brand-new post-pandemic978-1-914553-06-6$17.99content Paperback5.5 x 9.5208 pages Author is a well-known and trustedFAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / family policy professional GeneralMuddy PearlRights: North America Shows parents how to navigate anAvailableonline worldA Mind of Their Own First Ask Why978-1-910012-31-4$17.99 978-0-8254-4486-9$14.99www.kregel.com 15'