b'Unlimited AtonementAmyraldism and Reformed TheologyEdited by Michael F. Bird & Scott HarrowerLimited atonement is not the only Reformed model of atonementH ypotheticaluniversalism,orunlimitedatonement, states that Christs death is sufficient for the guilt of all people yet is only effectively applied to those with faith. This tradition, typified by the French Reformer Mose Amyraut, has continued among Anglicans and Baptists for over four centuries, yet has been underexplored in Reformed systematic theology.Unlimited Atonement fills a gap in resources on atonement theology that begin with the unlimited love of God. Editors Michael F. Bird and Scott Harrower draw on the specialties of each of the ten contributors, addressing themes such asthe biblical and historical sources of the soteriological position known as Amyraldismdistinctive features of Anglican atonement theologyhypothetical universalism, election, and the Baptist theo-logical traditionother prominent advocates of unlimited atonementthe issues of systematic theology at stakeatonement theology in preachingUnlimited Atonement is the most comprehensive analysis of Amyraldism to date, providing a resource for theology and Bible students and teachers in an esoteric stream of Reformed theol-ogy. Bird and Harrower provide a starting point for anyone who wants to understand the sources and merits of Amyraldism.Michael F. Bird (PhD, University of Queensland) is academic deanandlecturerinNewTestamentatRidleyCollegein Melbourne, Australia. He is an Anglican priest and has written over thirty books in the areas of Christian thought and biblical studies.Scott Harrower (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is assistant professor of theology and history at Ridley College, Australia.HeisauthorofGodofAllComfort:ATrinitarian Response to the Horrors of This World, and coauthor of Dawn of Sunday: The Trinity and Trauma-Safe Churches.RELATED TITLESUNIQUE SELLING POINTS Lays out the historical timeline of978-0-8254-4641-2$26.99Amyraldism and its beginnings Paperback6 x 9272 pages Demonstrates the different schools ofRELIGION / Christian Theology / thought surrounding the doctrine ofSoteriologyatonement Kregel AcademicRights: WorldMarch 14, 2023 Addresses the issues of systematic theol-40 Questions AboutTrinity Without Hierarchy ogy at stake within this view Calvinism 978-0-8254-4462-3$25.99978-0-8254-4231-5$24.99www.kregel.com 19'