5 NEW TESTAMENT UNDERSTANDING THE GOSPELS A Guide for Preaching and Teaching HERBERT W. BATEMAN IV & BENJAMIN I. SIMPSON, EDITORS 978-0-8254-4416-6 • $19.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 272 pages Biblical Studies / Jesus, the Gospels & Acts Kregel Academic Rights: World November 28, 2017 Written in honor of prominent New Testament scholar Darrell L. Bock, Understanding the Gospels: A Guide for Preaching and Teaching is more than just a collection of essays by friends and colleagues. It is an integrated book that reflects Bock’s heart and concern for the kingdom and underscores his desire that people know about Jesus, as well as gain an appreciation for the Gospels, study them, and proclaim their message. The contributors address these goals in four main sec- tions: Interpretation and Communication, Understanding the Gospels, Applying the Gospels, and Discovery Studies in the Gospels. The overarching focus of the work is to cultivate a greater appreciation for these biblical books and broaden the teacher or preacher’s understanding of their content. Understanding the Gospels will equip the reader to grasp, apply, and accurately proclaim the life and teachings of Jesus. Herbert W. Bateman IV (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is academic acquisition editor at Kregel Publications. His other publications include Interpreting the General Letters. Benjamin I. Simpson (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) is assistant professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. His other publications include Jesus the God-Man. CONTENTS Preface: Honoring Darrell L. Bock (M. Daniel Carroll R.) 1. The Gospels: Engaging Their Transformative Message (Herbert W. Bateman IV) 2. Interpreting the Gospels Historically: A Tale of Two Histories (Herbert W. Bateman IV) 3. Interpreting Gospel Narrative: Practical Steps (Joel F. Williams) 4. Communicating the Gospels: Sermonic Forms (Donald R. Sunukjian) 5. Understanding the Gospel of Matthew (David K. Lowery) 6. Understanding the Gospel of Mark (J. William Johnston) 7. Understanding the Gospel of Luke (Benjamin I. Simpson) 8. Understanding the Gospel of John (W. Hall Harris III) 9. The Gospels and Their Importance for the Early Church (Craig A. Blaising) 10. The Gospels and Their Centrality in Christian Worship (Timothy J. Ralston) 11. Applying the Gospels in the Christian Life (Michael H. Burer) 12. Discovering the Old Testament in the Gospels (Mark L. Strauss) 13. Discovering the Historical Jesus in the Gospels (Craig L. Blomberg) 14. Discovering the Gospel Tradition in the Pauline Letters (Jay E. Smith) 15. Discovering Biblical Theological Themes in the Gospels (Buist M. Fanning) 16. Selected Sources for the Preacher and Teacher of the Gospels (Herbert W. Bateman IV and Benjamin I. Simpson) Scripture and Author Indexes [Understanding the Gospels is a] very helpful resource for anyone preparing to preach a series through any of the Gospels. It provides key facts and suggestions in areas such as historical backgrounds, theology, and literary conventions, as well as creative ideas for how to effectively communicate and apply the Gospels. A very substantive yet concise work that will be a go-to resource for pastors. —Michael Hontz, senior pastor, Pleasant View Bible Church The contributors provide a depth of knowledge that is not easily accessible to preachers and teachers. This information is invaluable as we prepare to pass God’s truth in the Gospels on to our sheep. —Matthew McAlack, professor of divinity, Cairn University