4 kregel.com/academic NEW TESTAMENT MARK THROUGH OLD TESTAMENT EYES A Background and Application Commentary Through Old Testament Eyes ANDREW T. LE PEAU 978-0-8254-4411-1 • $28.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 384 pages Biblical Commentary / New Testament Kregel Academic Rights: World September 26, 2017 Mark Through Old Testament Eyes is the inaugural volume in the Through Old Testament Eyes commentary series, focused on uncovering the Old Testament background to New Testament books. Author Andrew Le Peau explores the Old Testament context, references, and echoes that help make sense of Mark’s gospel, allowing readers to better understand practices and concepts such as wilderness, baptism, Sabbath, fasting, and blasphemy. These insights provide clarity to otherwise puz- zling words and events in Mark’s gospel. In addition, Le Peau explains Old Testament allusions contained in the literary structures of Mark, such as parallels to the exodus, and the portrayal of Jesus as the true temple of God in contrast to the Jerusalem temple. Numerous tables and charts summarize key information and offer practical applications from Mark’s gospel. Written for those who preach and teach the New Testament, as well as anyone interested in fresh insights into Mark’s gos- pel, this volume will deepen and enrich one’s understanding of both the gospel of Mark and the Old Testament. Le Peau has woven together a fascinating and illumi- nating tapestry of Mark’s gospel . . . letting us marvel at the number and color and richness of the multiple threads that Mark draws from the Old Testament. —Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership A winner for both classroom and church group study. Though long a Markan scholar and author, I here found new treasures. Read and enjoy! —Willard Swartley, professor emeritus of New Testament, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary Whether you are a preacher or teacher seeking to usher others into the deeper meaning of familiar texts, or simply a person of faith eager for a more pen- etrating encounter with God’s Word, this book will be an eye-opening resource to which you will return again and again. —Daniel Meyer, senior pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook For decades, Andy LePeau has been chewing on the gospel of Mark. It certainly shows in this wonderful new commentary. Eminently accessible—via verse-by- verse exegesis—he capably bridges the chasm between the Old and New Testaments. Ancient concepts such “son of man” and “kingdom of God” provide fertile soil for the gospel’s narrative. An important resource for any serious Christian. —Alec Hill, president emeritus, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship / USA To comprehend the four gospels, you must first get Mark right. Andrew Le Peau does just that, engag- ing with the text at a number of levels and using the best new tools available. His presentation of Mark lays the groundwork for understanding the wider life and world of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as provid- ing a framework for comprehending the other three gospels. —Michael Card, writer, musician Andrew T. Le Peau is former associate publisher for editorial at InterVarsity Press. His other publications include Paths of Leadership.