10 kregel.com/academic BIBLICAL STUDIES VINDICATING THE VIXENS Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible SANDRA GLAHN, EDITOR 978-0-8254-4413-5 • $22.99 Paperback • 6 x 9 • 320 pages Biblical Biography / General Kregel Academic Rights: World October 24, 2017 A diverse group of evangelical scholars, male and female, exam- ine crucial questions concerning women in Scripture: What if Christians have totally missed the point of some biblical sto- ries by assuming the women in them were “bad girls”? What if our traditional interpretations have slandered or ignored women who should rightly be honored? Did the Samaritan woman really divorce five husbands in a world where women rarely divorced even once? Did Bathsheba seduce King David by bathing in the nude? Was Mary Magdalene really a reformed prostitute? While there are many other studies of women in the Bible, this is a new kind of book—one in which an international team of scholars look afresh at vilified and neglected women in the Bible. The result is a new glimpse into God’s heart for women who have been sexualized, vilified, or marginalized. Vindicating the Vixens is a course correction for the church—and an invaluable one at that. Chapter after chapter it redeems the reputation of many of the biblical women we’ve often misunderstood. In the process, it removes misinterpretations, misplaced convictions, and unintentional bias; and in their place it leaves a better sense of God’s love and justice. Reassessing my forgone conclusions has never felt so valuable. —Kelsey Hency, editor in chief, Fathom This exceptional and relevant text fills an unfortu- nate gap created by distorted, traditional perspec- tives and not from the Scriptures. —Octavio Javier Esqueda, Talbot School of Theology The faithful and meticulous research of Dr. Glahn and the contributing authors advances the powerful message of the book—of God’s passion for the mar- ginalized, the misunderstood, the outsider. —Paul Lanum, RightNow Media Sandra Glahn (PhD, University of Texas at Dallas) is associate professor in media arts and worship and pastoral ministries at Dallas Theological Seminary. Her other publications include The City of Ephesus: A Short History. CONTENTS Introduction: The Hermeneutics of “Her” (Henry Rouse) Section I: The Women in Jesus’s Genealogy: More Than Their Sexual Histories 1. Tamar: The Righteous Prostitute (Carolyn Custis James) 2. Rahab: What We Talk About When We Talk About Rahab (Eva Bleeker) 3. Ruth: The So-Called Scandal (Marnie Legaspi) 4. Bathsheba: Vixen or Victim? (Sarah Bowler) 5. The Virgin Mary: Reclaiming Our Respect (Timothy Ralston) Section II: A Survey of Sexualized, Vilified, and Marginalized Women of the Bible 6. Eve: The Mother of All Seducers? (Glenn Kreider) 7. Sarah: Taking Things into Her Own Hands or Seeking to Love? (Eugene Merrill) 8. Hagar: God Names Adam, Hagar Names God (Tony Maalouf) 9. Deborah: Only When a Good Man Is Hard to Find? (Ron Pierce) 10. Huldah: Malfunction with the Wardrobe-Keeper’s Wife (Christa McKirland) 11. Vashti: Dishonored for Having Honor (Sharifa Stevens) Section III: Some New Testament Women Revisited 12. The “Woman at the Well”: Was the Samaritan Woman Really an Adulteress? (Lynn Cohick) 13. Mary Magdalene: Repainting Her Portrait of Misconceptions (Karla Zazueta) 14. Junia/Joanna: Herald of the Good News (Amy Peeler)