11 BIBLICAL STUDIES BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP Theology for the Everyday Leader Biblical Theology for the Church BENJAMIN K. FORREST & CHET RODEN, EDITORS FOREWORD BY RONALD E. HAWKINS 978-0-8254-4391-6 • $36.99 Hardback • 6 x 9 • 512 pages Christian Church / Leadership Kregel Academic Rights: World November 28, 2017 Biblical Leadership takes the best of evangelical scholarship to make the leadership lessons of Scripture accessible for today’s readers. All contributors are biblical scholars who not only think seriously about the biblical text covered in their indi- vidual chapters but have also committed their lives to teach- ing and living the truths therein. This volume covers each book of the Bible, gleaning insights from each biblical writer. Every chapter also analyzes the original setting of the writing, extrapolates the leadership principles in the text, and provides advice on applying that theology of leadership. Presented in everyday language understandable to both professionals and practitioners, these lessons will equip current and prospective leaders to make a Christlike impact in culture and the church. Benjamin K. Forrest (EdD, Liberty University) is chair of practical studies at Liberty University School of Divinity. His other publications include Building Arguments: An Introduction for Seminarians and Students of Religion. ChetRoden(PhD,SoutheasternBaptistTheologicalSeminary) is chair of biblical studies at Liberty University School of Divinity. His other publications include 30 Days to Genesis: A Devotional Commentary. CONTENTS 1. A Concept Study: Leadership in Old Testament Hebrew (David Pettus) 2. Leadership in the Pentateuch (Ellis Brotzman) 3. Leadership in the Pentateuch (David M. Maas) 4. Leadership in the Pentateuch (Jennifer E. Noonan & Benjamin J. Noonan) 5. Leadership in Joshua (Chet Roden) 6. Leadership in Judges (Michael J. Smith) 7. Leadership in 1 Samuel (Robert B. Chisholm Jr.) 8. Royal Leadership in the United Monarchy (J. Michael Thigpen) 9. Leadership During the Divided Kingdom (William R. Osborne) 10. Leadership in Psalm 23 (Walter C. Kaiser Jr.) 11. Leadership in the Proverbs (Daniel J. Estes) 12. Leadership in Ecclesiastes (Tremper Longman III) 13. Leadership in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel (Gary Yates) 14. Leadership in the Preexilic Minor Prophets (R. Alan Fuhr) 15. Leadership in Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi (Andrew E. Hill) 16. Leadership in Daniel (Mark Allen & Dickson Ngama) 17. Leadership in Ezra-Nehemiah (Dickson Ngama & Mark Allen) 18. Leadership in Nehemiah (Edwin M. Yamauchi) 19. Leadership in Esther (Debra Reid) 20. A Concept Study: Leadership in New Testament Greek (Robert Wayne Stacy) 21. Leadership in the Synoptic Gospels (Robert Wayne Stacy) 22. Leadership in the Synoptics and Acts (A. Boyd Luter & Nicholas Dodson) 23. Leadership in the Gospel of John (W. Hall Harris III) 24. Leadership in Acts (René A. López) 25. Leadership in Early Church Polity (Benjamin Merkle) 26. Leadership and the Jerusalem Council (Stanley E. Porter) 27. Leadership in Pauline Theology (Joseph H. Hellerman) 28. Leadership in Pauline Theology (Joseph H. Hellerman) 29. Leadership in the Pastoral Epistles (William D. Mounce) 30. Leadership in the Petrine Epistles (Peter H. Davids) 31. Leadership in the Johannine Epistles (Andreas J. Köstenberger & David Crowther) 32. A Somber Responsibility: Leadership in Hebrews, James, and Jude (Amy Peeler) 33. The Ultimate Triumph: Leadership in the Apocalypse (Edward E. Hindson) Epilogue: Toward a Biblical Theology of Christian Leadership: Shepherds and Servants on Behalf of the King (Benjamin K. Forrest & David Nemitz)