• Without Warning

    Without Warning
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    ISBN: 9780825438202

    Edition: September 12, 2003

    Pages: 480

    Carton quantity: 32

    Publication date: September 12, 2003

    Format: Paperback

    Imprint: Kregel Publications

    Category: Fiction

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    Without Warning

    A Novel

    An electrifying and heart-pounding drama, Without Warning offers a fresh understanding of a world that has irrevocably changed and how Christ can still make a difference in an age of terror. Ancient religious and political hatreds are manipulating the world around him, but living in terrorism's shadow is the least of John Cain's concerns. His marriage is at the breaking point. John is leaving his ministry. He plans to fulfill his promise to his daughter—a trip to Israel—and then, he's quitting. But when terrorists storm their church in California, launch a deadly unmanned airplane, and capture his tour group in Israel, John finds that his world is changed forever. The author's in-depth research with FBI counterterrorism, cyber terrorism, national security, and scientific experts give this book and extra edge of reality.
    Author: Ward Tanneberg
    Ward Tanneberg is the Executive Pastor of Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington. An award-winning author, he has been published in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and periodicals across the country.