• Ruth

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    Edition: June 23, 2020

    Pages: 112

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    Publication date: June 23, 2020

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    Category: Christian Living and Devotionals

    Series: Discover Together Bible Study Series

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    Discovering God's Faithfulness in an Anxious World

    Leads women through this biblical story of loyalty and love

    The Discover Together Bible Study series equips readers with meaningful devotion, biblical principles, and timeless life lessons from books of the Bible.

    Many women live with a relentless flow of anxious thoughts that distract, intrude, and exhaust—and this leaves little time to worship God or serve those around us. Trusted leader Sue Edwards points to an unexpected biblical story that can lead to a way out of these anxieties: the book of Ruth.

    Unlike how it is often presented, Ruth's story isn't a Hollywood romance and Boaz isn't the hero. God is. He shows tender care for Naomi and Ruth, remaining faithful even in hopeless situations. Moreover, their lives demonstrate how he consistently lifts women into significant roles in his redemption story, whether or not they're considered culturally important.

    Written for women of all generations and walks of life, Ruth is an inclusive Bible study with flexible format and multilevel questions to fit varied lifestyles.

    Look for the entire line of inductive Bible studies by Sue Edwards at DiscoverTogetherSeries.com. Other books in this extensive series include Hosea, Proverbs, Luke, and Ephesians.

    Author: Sue Edwards
    Sue Edwards (MA, Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is professor emeritus of educational ministry and leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has more than forty years of experience teaching, pastoring, and directing women's ministries. In addition, Sue speaks at retreats, conferences, and seminars across the country, and is author of the Discover Together Bible Study Series. Visit www.discovertogetherseries.com for bible study videos, free leader's guides and more!